YOUNG TOURISM: listen and discover.

Within the actual project, we stay in the field of tourism. But instead of creating tourism brochures and a mobile app, we produce audio guides !

Our targets:

– preparation of students for the professional world

– enhancement of skills and key competences considered as important by recruiters of companies

– promotion of entrepreneurial thinking & empowerment of students

The global phenomena of mass-tourism destroys nature, the traditional infrastructure and culture of a region. In this project, we want to take young tourists away from typical mass-tourism places and to sensitize them for a more responsible tourism. Sustainability and regionalism in terms of environmental, cultural and social issues will be promoted.

The areas in which our 5 partner schools are located are less known and little popular as travel destinations for young people: in the north of Europe (Laitila/Finnland), in the middle of Europe (Fritzlar/Germany, Wroclaw/Poland), in the south-west of Europe (Montijo/Extremadura,Spain) and in the south of Europe (San Miniato/Italy).

The participants of our project will experience the natural and cultural richness of our areas and they will promote it to young people all over Europe by creating multilingual audio guides: Spanish, Italian, Polish, German, Finnish and English of course.

This marketing tool will be available in the “real life” as download on mobiles and published on different websites (e.g. tourism offices, our schools, other stakeholders.

Thus, the students will be stimulated to create a product of high quality.

The impact of our project will be enormous even after the completion of it due to the fact that the audio guides will be used by young people discovering our areas.

Audio guides can easily be produced in schools with the help of user-friendly digital software. Therefore, audio editors and recorders are the perfect tool to be embedded in the school curricula.

The production of an audio guide is a sophisticated process that is realized in different steps:

  1. getting familiar with the places that are presented on the audio guides
  2. inventing & writing a storyboard
  3. choosing & producing noises, music
  4. recording in different languages
  5. cutting &montage
  6. editorial work by experts (e.g. tourist guides).

Media & computer technologies represent a fascinating world for young people. We will derive benefit from it in order to promote empowerment & critical consumer awareness related to sustainable issues. Our aim is to enhance active media work that imparts abilities to the young people which they need for a self-confident & responsible utilisation of new media.

The students will develop a variety of skills and competences:

– professional skills: customer-orientated approach, business expertise (choice of presentation format), entrepreneurial thinking, practical doing

– methodological skills: project management, efficient problem solving, results orientation

– personal skills: creativity, self-empowerment

– social skills: teamwork, communication, sense of responsibility

– ICT skills: use of innovative web tools (audio guides), research &selection of digital information

– language skills: acquisition of technical vocabulary (tourism), confident use of foreign languages during production of audio guide, use of mother tongue (recording texts)