Testimonials Germany


Everything was a perfect meeting. We appreciate your school system. There weren’t any trouble concerning discipline. The school was awesome and everybody was very nice with us and we never felt like foreigners. It was a very interesting experience for us. We met a lot of people. We learned different thinks about different cultures and life systems. The presentations were very beautiful. This project was a wonderful experience for us.

Furkan Yılmaz, Ilknur Tuğba Çavdar, Büşka Gökay (14 and 15 years)


The first Erasmus+ meeting in Fritzlar gave a lot of new experiences to the Polish students. Both teachers and students were impressed by the variety of possibilities of spending free time in the Hesse region. The Ursulinenschule, the coordinators, hosting families and guests from other countries created a very warm and friendly atmosphere. We are all thankful because of your committment and care. Now, the Polish team is looking forward to meeting in Sweden. Thank you for this amazing time!

Hania, Dominika, Maja, Dominika (all 17 years)

Sweden: “5 good things about Germany”

I developed my English as well as my German. I got the opportunity to get to know other people and pretty quickly we became very good friends. It was well organized. The activities were very fun. The people there were very nice to everyone and we got a very good welcoming.

Samuel Mainz, 15 years