Mai 2016: Skoghall/Sweden

Have you ever seen a real elk or even eaten one?

These are just some of the experiences that our ERASMUS+ students and teachers have gained during one week in May `16 in the „IKEA-country“ on the peninsula Hammarö by the lake Vammarö.

We are all familiar with the information that Sweden is full of beautiful forests and lakes, but our travellers also got to know a lot about Swedish traditions and culture, such as drinking milk with basically every meal …

The Swedish hosts had organized a fantastic program for their guests: among others a visit of the second biggest paper forestry company in the world “Stora Enso” (paper mill) and of the Museum of Archipelago showing traditional way of living in former times, playing mini-golf in a place where national competitions are carried out and going on a tour through the city of Karlstad and a photo orientation tour in Skoghall. Furthermore, we discovered “Kilenegarden”, a huge recreational area where we had a wonderful barbecue, heard a lot about nature and animals in the past and present and where we planted trees.

Of course, we also held our famous „G5 summit“ where the topic „Tourism today in our areas and countries“ was the main focus. We presented our results concerning the importance of tourism to our peers, analysed and compared them.

With the new information about Hammarö and its surrounding, the students were able to create a real touristic brochure for young people with the help of that is given to different local tourist offices.

The farewell party with the topic „Swedishness“ was a huge success and a great ending of an amazing week!