October 2018: Montijo/Spain

From 14th to 20th of October 2018, the Spanish ERASMUS+-Council hosted the delegations of the 4 partner schools.

With the help of two experts, a sound engineer and an artist, the participants of the 3rd Meeting produced audio guides for the beautiful Roman City of Mérida.

While some students were recording, the others did a Spanish language course and played some language online quizzes and they got to know to “worditout”, a web tool useful for creating wordclouds, e.g. while working on stereotypes.

Furthermore, they got an insight in the other foreign languages (Finnish, Polish, German, Spanish and Italian) while translating expressions that were used in the audio guides. This was fun as well.

The G5 – summit was dedicated this time to the “Different ways of discovering the areas in which our schools are located”. In multinational teams, the students presented their results of the research done at home to the mates. After that, they created a kind of synopsis and presented it to the others: a good opportunity to practise their language skills and to increase their self-confidence.

After the hard, but funny work in school, the students enjoyed freetime together so that they got to know to each other. They discovered the Spanish culture in tapas bars and tried paella, jamon and gazpacho for instance. They learnt that Spanish people love eating late (when other people got to bed) and that although you are in Spain it might be useful to have an umbrella. 🙂


The 5 chosen places of interest in Mérida are:

  1. “Alcazaba” – Arab citadel
  2. Roman theatre
  3. Basilica of Santa Eulalia and Hornito
  4. Roman Bridge
  5. Los Milagros Aqueduct

5 sites of Merida