May 2019: Laitila/Finland

Varppeen school in Laitila/Finland hosted the participants of the Erasmus+ project “Young Tourism: listen and discover” in May 2019.

Cold lakes, hot sauna and fascinating forests

last ERASMUS+-Projekt in Laitila / Finland (May 2019)

When you think of Finland, you may think of reindeers, moose, Santa Clause and very shy people. Through the week, we discovered that some of the typical clichés like the weekly sauna, the huge amount of forests and the high percentage of blond haired people are very much accurate. We have seen wonderful landscape with lots of animals we haven’t seen before, and very amazing lakes. But we got a more detailed impression about the Finnish life of life and we experienced a lot of unknown things, like the moped cars which students can drive from the age 15 because lots of them live in the forests.

Thanks to the Finnish students and teachers who prepared an unforgettable week for their guests from Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany.

Due to their preparation of important parts of the storyboards for the audio guides, we were able to reach our common goal: the creation of audio guides about for example the old fortress “Kirkelinna” from the Viking age and the 2000 years old village “Untamala”.

After editing the missing parts, we could start very fast with the recordings. One student from every nation, the technical expert, was taught by the Finnish media experts how to work with the cutting program. They added noises and music in order to create a real sound experience.

30 audio guides – this sounds like a lot of work, but we had many breaks in which we played typical Finnish outdoor games. And even though recording audio guides isn’t the easiest task to do, we had a lot of fun doing it.

We had unforgettable talks and wonderful moments in our free time, for example during a barbecue with our host families. The Finnish families were very welcoming and they gave us the possibility to enjoy the week in the best way.

The project „Young Tourism: listen and discover“ comes to an end now. We are proud of the audio guides we created for towns all over Europe and hof that they will be used in the future by lots of young people.

And we made a lot of new friends all over Europe. We don’t have to be sad because reunions are already planned and hopefully a new project is on the way. Thanks to the European Commission who gave the opportunity by the program ERASMUS+! 

Marlene Lorenz, Maya Röhrig (both 17 years), Max Meister (15 years), Ursulinenschule Fritzlar/Germany