May 2018: San Miniato/Italy

The second meeting took place in May 2018 in Tuscany, in the lovely town of San Miniato/Italy.

The hosts – the ERASMUS+-Council of Istituto technico C. Cattaneo with their teachers Mila Nuti and Maria Beatrice Bianucci- organised a fantastic meeting for about 30 students and teachers.

With the support of real professionals – the company “” from Florence – the guests and hosts created audio guides for 5 places of interest in San Miniato.

1) Oratorio Loretino
2) Piazza Bonaparte
3) Torre Federico
4) Palazzo die Vicari Imperiali
5) Municipio

The professionals – an artist, a storyteller and a sound engineer – installed a sound studio in the school and instructed the students to invent an interesting, entertaining and informative script. These scripts were translated in 6 languages and recorded by the students. Later on, sounds and music were added in order to create the right atmosphere.

Please listen to the amazing results:

Program of the week: