May 2017: Coordinators’ Meeting Fritzlar / Germany

In May 2017, the last meeting of the project “Young Tourism” took place in Fritzlar/Germany: The coordinators of the five partner schools met in order to evaluate the project with its strengths and weaknesses and to exchange their impressions about the whole project. Furthermore, they designed the final report available on “Mobility tool”, the EU-platform for ERASMUS+-KA2 Projects.

In addition, the teachers had a training in the use of different web tools necessary to share videos, presentations and to work collaboratively on documents. We agreed to apply for Europasses for all participants of this project. All in all, it was a very results-oriented and constructive meeting!

Leisure time activities are very important to be constructive and creative ! Therefore, the teachers visited the museum “GrimmWorld” in Kassel and went for sailing on the lake Eder (25 km from Fritzlar).