March 2018: Fritzlar/ Germany

“5 nations – 1 goal” – 1st meeting in March 2018 in Fritzlar/Germany

Five days of working with five different countries turned out to be successful for all participants: about 60 teachers and students.

Under the heading „YOUNG TOURISM: listen and discover.“, the German students of the ERASMUS + group in the Ursulinenschule Fritzlar and their guests from Poland, Italy, Spain and Finland produced the first audio guides of five interesting places in Fritzlar.

  1. Wedding house (“Hochzeitshaus”)
  2. Grey Tower („Grauer Turm”)
  3. Women Tower (Frauenturm)
  4. Market Square („Marktplatz“)
  5. Convent of the Ursulines („Ursulinenkloster“)

So the students traveled back in time to compose not only texts with information but also dialogues from the perspective of medieval fictional characters and highlighted them with music and sounds that fitted the situation. The recording, cutting and montage was quite exhausting, but very interesting to learn. The students achieved a fantastic result: 30 audio guides of five monuments in six different languages.

The whole project was supported by the media experts Susanne Holbein, Bo Friedrich and Helena Holbein from the association “Medienblitz e.V. Kassel” and the “LPR” (private radio and new media).

The host school organized a trip to lake Eder where the participants visited the museum “Behind lock and key” in the old caste Waldeck by using audio guides. Everybody thought that audio guides could be done in a more interesting way!

We like to invite you to listen to the audio guides produced by the ERASMUS+ students of this project:

While working, which was sometimes very stressful, the students made many new friends. For that reason, the goodbye at the farewell party was full of sadness and tears, but also with much laughter and funny dancing.

The evaluation with the help of a Google online form is convincing: The first learning activity was a great success!

Listen to the audio guides:

Vanessa Janzen, 17 years old, ERASMUS+-team Fritzlar/Germany