Montijo/Spain in October 2018: ready for the 3rd meeting!

Flamenco, fiesta and paella – ERASMUS+-students are excited to go to Montijo / Spain.

About 30 students and teachers are preparing for the third meeting that will take place in Montijo from 14th to 20th of October.

They are working on dialogues for the audio guides that will bring to live 5 historical sights of Mérida, an antic town 25 km from Montijo. The sights are:

  1. Roman Theatre
  2. “Alcazaba” (Arab citadel)
  3. Basilica of Santa Eulalia
  4. Roman Bridge
  5. “Los Milagros” Aqueduct


Furthermore, all participants are preparing the so-called “G5 summit” with the topic: „Research: different ways of discovering our regions as tourists”

  1. What are people looking for while travelling in our areas?
  2. Select 3 – 5 places that tourists are interested in.
  3. What kind of activities tourists do in your area? (cultural heritage, sports and leisure, nature etc.)
  4. What type of tourists come in your area? (social and economic conditions, age etc.)


The results of the “G5-Summit” will be presented in Montijo. Everybody is looking forward to the next meeting. See you there.

On the photo, you can see the German “ambassadors”.